Construction Management

In the British Columbian Construction Rehabilitation Industry, Duraseal Ltd. is one of very few companies that does employ our own workforce.

Building Envelope Rehabilitation

The wide variety of trades that are represented on our Team enabled us to pursue excellence in the area of Building Envelope Rehabilitation.

Window Installation

Duraseal is considered a leader in the Window Installation Industry. We have installed Architectural Aluminum Window Systems in High Rise and Low Rise Construction since 1992.


Duraseal has developed expertise in the repair, upgrade and replacement of commercial glazing products in high rise and low-rise construction.

Waterproofing and Roofing

Duraseal has been providing sophisticated and complicated hybrid Roofing and Waterproofing systems for almost three decades.

Glass and Aluminum Railings

Balcony Railings continues to be a very large component in the Scope of Work items that Duraseal would normally bid. Until recently, Duraseal would typically subcontract the installation of Balcony Railings to the Manufacturer.

Concrete Repair

Duraseal currently employs a dozen or more fulltime Concrete Repair Technicians. Our 31-year history has been largely focused on Concrete Repair. We are familiar and expert in a wide variety of techniques and materials.

Industrial Solar

Duraseal has become an expert in the field of installing large roof mount and wall mount solar energy collection systems on industrial, commercial and residential buildings.